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Keena Roberts is the author of WILD LIFE, a memoir about growing up in a tented research camp in Botswana and the transition back to the life an American high school student in a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia. The daughter of two prominent primatologists, Keena is a graduate of Harvard University and holds two Masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University in international health and economics. She has worked in the world of global health for more than ten years, mostly in the field of HIV/AIDS, and credits her time in Botswana for her interest in improving the health care infrastructure of the developing world.

A born adventurer, Keena is drawn to stories featuring strong female protagonists and survival in incredible worlds full of danger, animals, and natural beauty. Though her time in Botswana was sadly devoid of the dragons she loves to read about in fantasy novels, she faced her fair share of elephants, hippos, and lions, and is either a delight or a bore to visit the zoo with, depending on your tolerance for animal facts.